CaesarPRIMATEs are a family of permutation-based authenticated encryption algorithms for lightweight applications. They are currently under submission to the CAESAR competition.

There are three PRIMATEs: the basic SpongeWrap-variant HANUMAN, GIBBON for speed-critical applications, and APE for additional security when nonces are reused or unverified plaintext is released.

When resistance against hardware side-channel attacks is required, the PRIMATEs permutation has been designed to offer an efficient threshold implementation to counter first-order DPA attacks, based on glitch-free secret-sharing-based masking.

Paris Symmetric-Key

Westvleteren-logoDuring the Paris Symmetric-Key research retreat, the PRIMATEs team handed over a crate of Westvleteren XII to Brice Minaud.

We congratulate Brice Minaud again for winning the Drunkey Monkey Competition, and thank him for sharing his beers during the workshop.

The Paris Symmetric-Key research retreat had a large number of very active participants, and several new cryptanalysis results related to the CAESAR competition were obtained during this event.


Drunken Monkey Competition: Winners

Westvleteren-logoWe are happy to announce the winners of the Drunken Monkey Competition.

Winner of the crate of Westvleteren XII Trappist beer: Brice Minaud for “Improved Beer-Recovery Attack against APE.”

Winner of the 1 kg box of Leonidas chocolates: Phillip Rogaway for “Let’s not call it MR.”

We furthermore thank Dhiman Saha, Sukhendu Kuila, and Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury for “Misusing Misuse-Resistance in APE,” and Reza Reyhanitabar and Damian Vizár for “Careful with Misuse-Resistance of online AEAD.”

Drunken Monkey Competition

Westvleteren-logoFor the most interesting cryptanalysis of PRIMATEs as submitted to first round of the CAESAR competition, we give away an entire crate (24 bottles of 33 cl) of the best beer in the world: the Westvleteren XII Trappist beer.

Entries must be sent to the crypto-competitions mailing list before the start of DIAC 2014. The choice of the winner is at the discretion of the PRIMATEs designers, and will be announced at DIAC 2014.

For the runner-up, we provide a 1 kg box of Leonidas chocolates.